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Anupam Kher Film On Ayodhya: Anupam Kher is the most versatile actor of Bollywood. He has proven his acting prowess by playing different characters in various films of the Hindi film industry. Currently, Anupam is seen in the latest film ‘The Vaccine War’ directed by Vivek Agnihotri. Amidst all this, Anupam Kher is also making a historical video documentary related to the background of 21 Hanuman temples including Ayodhya Hanumangarhi. In this connection, the actor had reached Ayodhya on Friday night. During this, Anupam Kher launched a 5-minute documentary film based on the eight temples of Sankat Mochan Hanuman ji and their importance. On this occasion, he told many things related to his documentary.

Anupam Kher wants to fulfill mother’s dream
Anupam Kher, who reached Ayodhya, said that his mother says that take me to Ayodhya too, I will fulfill my mother’s dream and if I get an invitation to the Pran Pratishtha program, I would like to come, because Ram, O Ram comes out of our mouth automatically. The message has to reach the world. He also said, “I only ask for happiness and peace from God.” God has given me everything… Today I have come not to ask for anything but just to thank God. There is a pilgrimage in every stone here.”

‘The Kashmir Files’ What did Anupam Kher say about this?
On the question asked on Kashmir files, the actor said that I have come here to talk about 21 Hanuman temples and the question is on Kashmir files, so I think Kashmir files have done their job. After removal of 370, different areas of Kashmir. Tricolor was seen fluttering in this is the change of Kashmir.

Tamil Nadu Minister Stalin’s Sanatan Dharma But what did Anupam say about the statement?
Along with this, Anupam Kher also talked about the controversial statement given by Tamil Nadu Minister Uday Nidhi Stalin on Sanatan Dharma and said that one speaks according to his intellect. I have been taught since childhood that in the environment in which you When you have grown up, he has influenced your mind and your conduct, so it is very important to convey that conduct to the world. Now let us argue about what he said about Sanatan, there is no need to waste time.


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