International Coffee Day: If you have invited friends for coffee then make it in these 6 ways, the recipe is easy – Digital Gujarat News

Most people use coffee as an energy booster. But coffee is not only an energy booster but also an excuse for gossip among friends. So, if guests are coming to your house or you want to invite friends over for coffee, then instead of making coffee in the same boring way, try these 6 different recipes. Which you might have drank only in restaurants till now. So let’s know 6 such recipes of restaurant style coffee.

Till now you must have drank Cappuccino coffee only in restaurants or coffee shops. But it can be prepared easily at home also. All it requires is thick and creamy milk. First of all, boil condensed milk in a pan. While boiling milk, add strong coffee and a piece of cinnamon. Then let it cook on low flame for about 10 minutes. After the milk is cooked, take out the cinnamon stick and pour the milk into half a cup and add sugar. Now quickly pour the condensed hot milk over half a cup of coffee and the Cappuccino coffee is ready. Serve it hot and enjoy coffee.

cold coffee
If you cannot make cold coffee at home like in restaurants, then try vanilla ice cream instead of milk this time. Blend coffee with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and garnish with chocolate syrup.

filter coffee
If you want to make South’s famous filter coffee at home, then all you need is one-fourth cup of coffee powder, one cup of water, one cup of milk and sugar as per taste. Now place the container with a hole in a normal container. Add coffee powder and pour hot water over it and cover. When the coffee filters into the lower container, add hot milk and mix. Add sugar as per taste and serve hot.

Spicy Coffee
This coffee is cooked by mixing it with cardamom powder and grated ginger. And just while serving, a layer of cream is added on top. Just add chocolate chips or powder and serve hot.

Mocha Coffee
Everyone likes this tasty version of cold coffee. Strong black coffee is used to make it. Heat coffee and chocolate in milk. Then cool it and whip the cream and pour it into a glass and pour the prepared coffee and chocolate mixture on top. Serve with chocolate ice cream on top.

instant coffee
If you want to make instant coffee, just add it to milk, boil it and serve it hot.

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