Sreejita Dey gave a big statement about Tina Dutta, said – she has lived in so many houses..

Big Boss 16: Sreejita Dey and Tina Dutta, who have been friends on the TV screen, would never have thought that their fans would fight like this in Bigg Boss. After going out of Bigg Boss, Sreejita Dey is once again back inside the show as a wildcard contestant. As soon as he came on the show, he made many allegations against Tina and also expressed his enmity.

In recent times, the enmity between Tina and Sreejita has now become face to face. Both are fighting wildly with each other. If you look at the recent promo of the show, Sreejita Dey and Soundarya Sharma are talking among themselves, where Soundarya asked Sreejita Dey whether she would be laughing seeing Tina’s activity. Because she is aware of all that Tina is doing.



Sreejita made many serious allegations against Tina

In the video, Sreejita and Soundarya are seen talking. Sreejita said, “I know the girl so well, no one in this world can know her” Soundarya replied, “You must be laughing a lot seeing Tina like this, you know her perfectly” Sreejita Said, “Oh God, I know her very well babe, I have tried to break many people’s houses, because I could not settle my own house.”

Sreejita said to Soundarya, “This is Karma, she is very lonely, when we used to talk three years ago, she said that it is very difficult to find true love, Sreejita. Once we went on a trip, that night I came to know that he is a sadist, I held his ear, I will never go in my life. There is no problem with the boys, just attention is required from the boys. ‘ She is full of jealousy and negativity.”


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