woman up: Neha Dupia on Trolls &More

Women's Day

On the occasion of women's Day, Neha Dhupia Starred in the second episode of woman up. Here are the most memorable quotes from the show

Taking changes & Categorising

Back then when you were taking a chance there was less murmur, there was less surround sound. Would you get categorised? Would you get sectioned? Would you be put in a bpx? That's always going to happen

Taking up Roadies

When I went to my first meeting for Roadies,I went in to say no, but the meeting was so great that I turned around and said yes


When it comes to trolling, there's no end to it and what makes me angry is when they go on your children or when they go on your family, or when they take you down

Body shaming post-pregnancy

What's your superpower that you can just click six words and do like a headline out of it or troll someone? What's my superpower? I can give life.

On sabbaticals

I feel that somewhere,I may have paved the way for women to not take such long sabbaticals and then come back

Forcing things to change

If you have to force things like this so this kind of changes and if it doesn't come naturally then there's is no respect for it

Ignoring the signs

Sometimes things happen to you for longer because you let them happen so if you smell the problem if you can smell something burning, if you can smell the smoke.

Taboo Around breastfeeding

The only way to get past it is by normalising breastfeeding and not sexualising it.If I'm on a plane I shouldn't be the one hiding in a bathroom


It's tough enough what we do as moms,you don't wake up looking even half like this. You're in shambles; you're falling apart; you're come out of like between inside-outside 80 stitches so be kind to this person

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