Urfi wore such a strange dress, seeing the users said-Bat outfit


If you haven't got used to the strange clothes of Urfi Javed yet, then the time has come, because her style has now gone beyond everyone's understanding.

For a long time, Urfi was engaged in pleasing the hearts of the fans with more than one different outfit.

But now his style has completely changed. Urfi has been seen in strange outfits for a long time.

On Monday evening, Urfi was seen outside a restaurant in Mumbai with her sister Dolly Javed.

Here Dolly was seen wearing a very cute white dress and wrapped in a scarf. While Urfi wore a transparent dress with black patchwork.

Users are shocked to see this look of Urfi. Some say that Urfi is 'suffering from a terminal disease'.

One user wrote, 'What is this bat outfit?' Another wrote, 'Now the words are over.'

Urfi Javed tied her hair in a bun with this outfit. Her bold lipstick with heavy makeup was attracting everyone's attention.

Whose look do you like better between Urfi Javed and Dolly Javed?