Abu Dhabi’s BAPS Hindu temple set a new record, 65 thousand devotees visited in a single day, see picture

BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi: In February, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the first Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi. This temple was not yet opened for general devotees. On Sunday, March 3, the doors of the temple were opened to the general devotees. On the first day itself, more than 65 thousand devotees gathered at the temple to have darshan. Meanwhile, about 40 thousand devotees (BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi) came to the temple premises in the morning and more than 25 thousand people came to the temple premises in the evening.

Devotees had peaceful darshan

A devotee visiting the Abu Dhabi temple said, “I have never seen such a spectacular sight among thousands of people. I was worried that I would have to wait for hours and not be able to have a peaceful darshan, but we had a wonderful darshan and were extremely satisfied. Salute to all BAPS volunteers and temple staff.” Praveena Shah from London, recounting her experience of her first visit to BAPS Hindu Temple, Abu Dhabi said, “Despite the fact that I am disabled and there are thousands of visitors, the care provided by the staff was remarkable. I could see crowds of people moving peacefully from one area to another.”


I thought I would get lost in the crowd of devotees

Balchandra from Kerala said, “I thought I would get lost in the crowd, but I was surprised at how well the trip was managed. I was able to enjoy the view in peace, can’t wait until my next visit. Neha and Pankaj, who have lived in Dubai for 40 years, said, “We were waiting for this moment, and the temple has surpassed all our expectations. This is a real surprise. We feel blessed because now we have a place to come and pray and experience spirituality.

The temple will open for general devotees from Sunday

Reflecting on the historic significance of Sunday’s inauguration to the public, Sadhu Brahmaviharidas said, “We are extremely grateful to the UAE leaders and local authorities for the new bus services and for making this day a reality.” I also thank the pilgrims who showed so much patience and understanding during their journey. “The temple will serve as a symbol of spirituality and a symbol of harmony, bringing people of all backgrounds and beliefs together.”

BAPS Hindu Mandir on 3rd March 2024

The temple will be open on all days except Mondays from 9 am to 8 pm. BAPS Head of International Relations Swami Brahmaviharidas said, “Here architectural methods are combined with scientific techniques. More than 300 high-tech instruments are used at each level of the temple to measure temperature, pressure and motion (seismic activity). “Sensors have been installed. The sensors will provide live data for research.” No metal has been used in the construction of the temple and 55 percent of cement has been replaced with ash in the concrete mix to fill the foundation.

Further, Swami Brahmaviharidas reflected on the historic significance of Sunday’s opening to the public, saying that we are very grateful to UAE leaders and local authorities for their cooperation in building the new bus services and the day. The UAE government has also started a new bus route (203) from Abu Dhabi to the temple for the convenience of devotees visiting the temple.

First Public Sunday of the BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Dhabi Inside

Guidelines issued for devotees visiting the temple

The temple administration has issued guidelines for the devotees visiting the temple on its official website. According to which, people coming wearing hats, T-shirts, tight fitting dresses, nets or transparent clothes will not be allowed to enter the temple.

Apart from this, pets are also not allowed in the temple premises. Also outside food and drinks are not allowed in the temple premises. Along with this, the use of drone cameras has been banned in the temple premises.


SOURCE: BAPS And Other Media Website

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