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Gauhar/Delhi: Delhi is considered very famous for many types of big markets. From delicious desi snacks to cheap jewelery and clothes, these markets are filled with a variety of things. There are many such markets in Delhi, which are famous not only in the country but also abroad. One of them is Nabi Karim Market located in both parts of Sadar Bazaar and Paharganj. You might have hardly heard about this market, that this market is quite famous in Asia for its cheap and fashionable bags. The shopkeepers of this market have told that this bag market is the largest market in India, after which the bag market of Mumbai comes second.

Shopkeeper Satveer Singh said that he has been working in this market since 1981. He told that Nabi Karim Market is the largest wholesale market in Asia. Among the customers coming here, you will see business owners who carry fashionable bags in bulk for their shops. From here you can buy handbags, backpacks, pouches, trolleys, leather suitcases, fancy packs, and many more varieties. The shopkeepers here mainly sell things in bulk, but some shopkeepers also sell single bags.

Know the price of the bag
Abhishek Gupta, who has been running his shop in this market for 11 years. He told that the price of bags in Nabi Karim Market starts from Rs 10. The price of many fashionable bags here ranges from Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 150 to Rs 400. From this market, you can also buy trending and fashionable bags to gift in weddings, whose price ranges between Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000. You will not be able to see this variety at such cheap prices in any other market.

Branded bags available
Bags of every brand are available here from Guess to YSL to Reebok, Puma. But a shopkeeper told that whenever you buy a bag from here, make sure to check it once, because all the goods here come at wholesale prices and some goods may also have defects, so buy anything from here with caution. .

How to reach the market
Nabi Karim Market To reach, you will have to get down at New Delhi Metro station from the Yellow Metro Line. As soon as you exit Gate No. 3, you will reach this market in 10 minutes by any rickshaw. This market remains closed only on Sundays, whereas on other days you can come here from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.